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One of Illinois first licensed cannabis transporters. Delivering your goods on time and without damage is our priority.

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About Us

We are a scheduled delivery company licensed to transport cannabis in Illinois. Reliavan was founded in February, 2020 in Chicago, Illinois. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide fast, safe, and damage-free service to even the most remote areas of Illinois. Our primary goal is to help your business solve your specific logistical needs, whether you’re a small family-owned or a large, multi-faceted operation. We strive to provide your business the most simplified shipping process that you can find while offering you the best price!

How the shipping process works

01. Order-Review-Confirm

Customer submits an order. We review order/dates/price. Customer confirms order and schedule.

02. Cargo Pickup

Reliavan picks up cargo from origin on the date agreed.

03. Deliver Cargo

Reliavan delivers cargo to destination on the date agreed.

Are we a perfect fit?

Reasons why you should
choose Reliavan!

  • We are a company built on providing great customer service and innovation
  • Our simple and flexible shipping process allows you to schedule your deliveries in advance
  • A fast and reliable transport service can provide a business with an edge over its competitors
  • As your business grows we will scale with you allowing you to focus on your product
  • Our vehicle is equipped with GPS, cameras with real time monitoring, refrigeration and vehicle affixed storage container
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